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10 vragen aan de Meringue Girls!

Vanaf het moment dat ik ze met hun prachtige gekleurde meringues zag strooien, hebben ze mijn hart gestolen: de Meringue Girls. Hun boek ‘Meringue: zoet, zalig & oogverblindend schuim’ is dan ook een ontzettend happy book, vol mooie foto’s van oogstrelend mooi (en lekker!) schuim. Je begrijpt dat ik opsprong uit mijn bureaustoel toen Uitgeverij Kosmos mij vroeg of ik het misschien leuk vond om Alex & Stacey wat vragen te stellen. Hell yeah! Dit hebben de girls te zeggen over pretzel-chocolade-marshmallow-taart, KitchenAid keukenmachines in regenboogkleuren en eenhoorn-poep…

Hi girls! What’s your favorite recipe from the Meringue Girls cookbook?

A: “I love the strawberry ice lollies, as it takes the meringues and turns them into something different. It shows how versatile the meringues can be.”
S: “The pretzel chocolate marshmallow meringue tart is amazing. It’s no bake too, which is great. I’d say it’s our most requested recipe from friends.”

If you were a meringue, what would you look like? (I know this is a silly question, but I’m curious!)

“We’d both be multicoloured, a mixture of everything from our rainbow crates! Multicoloured meringues are sometimes called unicorn poos. We love this!”

What cheers you up when you feel down?

A: “My Boston Terrier, Gus. He always has a wide smile on his face!”
S: “Walking into our shiny new bakery in Hackney. It’s such a good feeling to know it’s ours!”

Who would you love to bake/work with?

“We love everything that Jamie Oliver makes and stands for, and also we’re currently obsessed by Gizzi Erskine delicious Korean recipes.”

What is the most fun you’ve ever had in the kitchen?

“Definitely testing out, photographing and styling recipes for our cookbooks. The first one was crazy and lots of fun, and having done it once it makes it lots easier the second time around.”

What’s the best part about being a Meringue Girl?

“Absolutely every single day is different for us – there is no usual routine! We never know what is around the corner, or what exciting email will ping into our inbox.”

What’s the yummiest dish you’ve ever tasted?

“We are loving homemade peanut butter cups at the moment! drool.”

What are your four favourite ingrediënts right now?

“Coconut flour, pomegranate molasses, aubergines and Spring herbs from the garden. Not all in one dish!”

What is the happiest item you own?

S: “My Spice Girls shoes!”
A: “Our set of 5 rainbow kitchenAids in the bakery!”

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

“Create the things you wish existed.”

Alex & Stacey

Nog even over het boek…

Sta je te popelen om zelf aan de slag te gaan om net zulke mooie (en lekkere!) unicorn poos eh, meringues te  maken? Bestel het boek ‘Meringue‘ vandaag nog en ga aan de slag!

Lees hier meer over het boek of check de Happy List die Alex & Stacey maakten, speciaal voor nenz.net!

Met dank aan Kosmos Uitgevers!